Homeschool Circles

Homeschool Circles are designed to support parents in educating their children in a homeschool environment. Our teachers are facilitators in teaching lessons where students make new discoveries for a deeper level thinking skill.

Our Curriculum is family friendly with values that don’t compromise the home. Curriculum does follow state standards and frameworks. Christian curriculum is used as supplemental material as enrichment learning.   

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Enrichment Activities

Enrichment activities are designed to be fun while focusing on college, career and vocation. We offer a variety of options for diverse students. Our creatives have the opportunity to learn about creative writing, journalism, art and will be adding more. Those who are interested in technology we are adding it our activities. Science labs for our science and analytical thinkers.  Lego building for design and architecture. 

Curriculum: Our curriculum is family friendly and according to state standards. We don’t focus heavy on textbooks.

Assessments: English and mathematics assessments help to determine grade level comprehension. They are administered beginning of the year and end of year

Parent Involvement is encouraged to assist helping with the homeschool environment.  We also cater to the parents who need to work but want another education alternative.

Enrichment Activities: Are designed for college and career or entrepreneurship. We also have options for the creatives as well. Keeping with making education fun. 

Our Services


Elementary English

Reading comprehension is built on solid blend of reading and vocabulary, site words and phonics. Writing and grammar connect to develop better sentence structure to develop logical organization. Result of the blending all sections of English develops stronger literacy skills and effectively communicate ideas. 

Basic Math Developing strong foundation in math that is necessary for daily use. The foundation begins with number sense and function. All math is in sequence by grade level from addition/subtraction then building on decimal and fractions and multiplication/division. Adding reading to develop word problem skills.

Middle School


Reading strategies adapt to analyzing and annotating texts to writing research and essays in preparation for college and career. Reading changes to different genres like literature, nonfiction, journalism. Develop writing skills the communicates ideas clearly and effectively.  


Developing another foundation where formulas and processes create understanding the complexity of higher-level math. Tutors are either credentialed teachers or tutors that have math as a major. 


Developing a solid foundation in physical and life science to understand the concepts and theories. Writing lab reports that show solutions to labs they have done. Tutors are credentialed teachers or students who is majoring in science. 


Building a stronger foundation of English Essentials. Reading comprehensions gives the ability to read other subjects like history and science. Grammar goes deeper in knowing words that are nouns, verbs, etc. Writing grows into the ability to articulate thoughts and ideas. 


Building a foundation of basic math to prepare for Pre-Algebra and Algebra. The focus is understanding the formulas required in Algebra. Making sure that multiplication skills are solid for higher math in High School. 


Building a strong understanding of concepts and theories in science. Building up the vocabulary and writing summaries and science lab reports. All physical and life sciences art taught by teachers and. or tutors that our studying those majors. 

High School