Learning Centers

 Your Full-Service Learning Center

Administrative Services

  • File Private School Affidavit with the State of California for new and continuing homeschool families. 
  • Maintain your child’s cumulative records. 
  • Issue transcripts and diplomas to enrolled high school students. 
  • Distribute resources to through email and in person to keep you update. 
  • Assessment and testing services.
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Academic Counseling

  • Student Education Plans for junior and senior high school students. Setting goals for achievements.
  • College and career planning based on parent and student input. 
  • Quarterly meetings for teachers and parents
  • Design student schedule and curriculum with parent input.
  • Provide resources for day trips and enrichment activities.



Facilitate instruction with Project Based Learning and Blended Learning to create discovery and creativity.
Developing and atmosphere of engagement for learning in an active environment.
Keeps parents updated on the projects students are learning.
Develop enrichment activities for students.
TUTORS Tutors are certified by the National Tutors Association.
Tutors have subject matter competency.
Documentation is updated by the tutors, and verified by the site director.
Tutoring can occur with either small groups or individual.