Our services are solution orientated for homeschool parents and teachers in district schools for all students are chosen for success.

Professional Development

Best practices for teachers learning strategies to increase academic achievement.

Strategic Solutions

Closing the achievement gap and unifying school culture. Develop small communities in school campuses focusing on college and career.

Curriculum Assessment/Development

Inclusive curriculum that unifies communities and families. Assessments that accurately assess student grade level.

Organizational Leadership

Leading diverse cultures, motivating staff to the next level and change leadership. Developing small communities for the benefit of student success.

Career Education Development

Structure of effective college and career programs and enrichment activities preparing students for college and career.

Parent Groups

Working with parents as partners in education. Listening to concerns and developing solutions. Advocacy training and support for parents.

Our consultants have over ten years actively working in the schools as teachers, counselors, and administrators. We provide solutions in advocacy education for all students and parents. Professional development for new and veteran teachers with research interventions for the classroom environment.

Who is Chosen Consulting

We are educators who saw a need for collaboration between parents and teachers for the betterment of student achievement. It is our mission and purpose to reform education to where all students are chosen for success.


Our consultants have over ten years of experience actively working in schools as teachers, counselors, and administrators. We provide solutions in parental advocacy on behalf of education for all students. Professional development for new and veteran teachers with interventions that have been researched and implemented to improve classroom environments.

Our Vision

A collaborative partnership designed to be innovative learning with the flexibility to reach all students to be successful academically and personally. We partner with parents to define goals for their students in the home school environment. Collaborating with school districts to transform learning for all students to be successful.

What Does Chosen Do

Technology is key to education throughout all forms of education systems. Technology is part of diverse industries and can benefit from partnerships with education. We develop a bridge between K-12 and industry. Chosen partners with school districts to achieve technology goals for small academies. So, all students are prepared for college and careers. 

Our curriculum for the home school is family-friendly with innovative strategies. Enrichment activities are included in the curriculum for investigation skills.

Chosen team of consultants and staff are committed to reaching all students because all students are chosen for success. 


Any questions regarding how we can assist you with student needs or teachers wanting professional development


Phone: 951-212-3231
Mailing Address: 8816 Foothill Blvd., #103

Rancho Cucamonga, CA