About Chosen Education

Miss McKee has worked in the field of education for over 20 years. Her experience has been as a teacher, counselor, administrator, and is credentialed in all areas. She has worked in district schools and charter schools. Miss McKee believes all stakeholders need to be involved in a students’ education journey. Stakeholders start with parents, students, and educators.

Her mission is to help students to reach beyond their potential and chosen for success. 

Our Philosophy

We recognize parents as being the first teacher in their child’s life. Parents are encouraged and valued to participate in their children’s education journey with us. 

Discovery is key to developing deeper level thinking. Students retain more information when they discover answers instead of being told the answers.

Project Based Learning method brings in creativity to learn. Students follow the process of Project Based Learning and with the teachers facilitating each unit. As they delve deeper into the unit. Students create their project in either a group or individual. Group work helps students to work together with their peers on projects.